I recently became an active contributor to the Debian project, which has been consolidated throughout my GSoC project. In addition to the great learning with my mentors, Lucas Kanashiro and Raphäel Hertzog, the feedback from other community members has been very valuable to the progress we are making in the Distro Tracker. Tomorrow, thanks to Debian project sponsorship, I will take off for Hsinchu, Taiwan to attend DebCamp and DebConf18. It is my first DebConf and I’m looking forward to meeting new people from the Debian community, learn a lot and make useful contributions during the time I am there.

During DebCamp, I plan to make the following contributions:

  • Keep working with Lucas Kanashiro in our GSoC project on Distro Tracker. In particular, I intend to finish my two open Merge Requests to improve Team’s page performance and to highlight packages with RC bugs. Also, I plan to advance in adding new packages tables to Team’s page based on PET’s categories.
  • Help DebConf19 team to bootstrap the website and help with other things that are needed.

In DebConf, I’ll make a presentation in the GSoC Session to present the advances in my project.

I hope to talk to more experienced people and collect feedback to improve my work. If anyone is interested in what I will be working on, feel free to talk to me personally, via IRC (nick: arthurmde), or email (

I am certainly looking forward to meeting Taiwan too. I’m sure I’ll be positively surprised by the culture, food, places, and people on the other side of the world.

See you soon in Taiwan!

Taipei - Taiwan

Let’s get moving on! ;)